Design Focus


Elevated commercial spaces


chosen for the entrance to one of Ireland’s most significant economic initiatives. this richly textured carpet subtly encapsulated with a celtic knot design stands in complementary contrast with the cool granite and modern architecture of its setting

experienced professionals

we understand you! with decades of experience designing and making and fitting the most demanding and creative of carpet projects for high profile projects you can be sure that we can leverage the relevant experience to work together with you to deliver outstanding results


our designers work closely with architects globally to deliver showstopping carpets, rugs and wall hanging to complement and enhance your interior scheme.

creative process

our proven methodology strives to ensure consistent results while freeing creative restraints. our designers will work closely with you on colours and pattern/concept scale to ensure you have the full benefit of our experience


T: +353 95 41010


deeply piled with instantly recognisable quality, as every piece is custom made by hand to order, we can precisely combine a number of finishes to create a unique texture profile


the variations available are virtually limitless over the years we have amassed an ever growing selection of 1354 tried and tested colours and have access to many thousands more from the worlds most technically advanced die houses.


we don't believe in cutting carpets to fit a room but in crafting carpets specifically shaped to the intricacies of the space for which it's intended. we work closely with architects and designers to ensure every piece is made to shape with precision. detailed measuring surveys available by arrangement



yarn content

100% pure new wool
3/60S dewsbury

pile height

14mm after shearing

gross yarn weight

3900 gsm/m2

total weight

5200 gsm/m2

primary backing

hight grade polyester

optional second backing

25×25 polyester mesh

latex – fire proofed

natural or carboxylated S.B.R.


custom size and shape


custom colours and variations

flame resistance

B.S. 4790: 1987/2009


eulan SPN


shampooing 4/5 light 6/7


cut pile

uniquely shaped to complement the space, the durability and beauty of the carpet stem from the attention to detail lavished upon it by the master craftspeople of Connemara Carpets

Measured to percision

working with architects and designers ensures that each carpet is made to precise dimensions.


at Connemara Carpets, we have the facilities to make unique carpets of considerable scale.


with with thousands of proven colours on hand and the capability to match almost any colour, your Connemara Carpet will match your creative ambition.

planning out design of carpet at Local Governement Chamber - Galway

Quality materials

Pure new wool, wool and silk blends, pure cool linen or bamboo. The quality of materials ensures each piece exudes quality.

Artistic quality

Connemara carpets are the go-to source for renowned artists seeking to produce unique art as rugs and wall hangings.

Unique Shapes

as each carpet is uniquely crafted we create carpets to shape, wrapping around fireplaces, pillars and curves.